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Galloways are naturally protected from the harsh elements. In the extreme cold, wet and snowy months, they have a dense hair coat near the hide and a long wavy hair on the exterior.   Although Galloways may be covered by snow, baring sub-zero temps and high winds - they are warm and dry.  Galloways will spend less energy on keeping warm and maintaining body condition which means more value for your dollars. Many other breeds must consume large amounts of feed just to survive.  The Galloway will shed most of their winter hair during the summer - the hair that remains, protect them from insects.

Galloways are also known for consuming undesirable weeds, scrubs, and grasses. They forage areas of the pasture where most other breeds won't even dream of. The breed has been know for their longevity, structure soundness, moderate framed, docile disposition, fertility and adaptability to their environment. For more information go to the breed association website by clicking the link below.

Advantages of using Galloways for the Commercial Cattleman- A TRUE  Out-cross with a boost of Hybrid Vigor! 

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