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Blegen Galloways has breeding stock, feeder steers, semen, and embryos available for sale. 

We value our customers and stands behind our genetics.  We have built our operation around feed efficient, calving easy, structurally sound/ functional cattle that "work for you", not you work for them. Our Galloway cattle are expected to breed every year, calve unassisted, care and raise their young on their own.  We expect our cattle to utilize whatever feed stuffs are provided

(if necessary) or grass when available. Standing forage is ideal!  

Our moderate sized, foundation females age from 1st calf heifers to 14+ yrs old and our herd bulls are no different.

Our calves are vigorous at birth and typically weigh between 70-80 lbs.   Our Galloway cattle are free of genetic defects, all natural, and Sire DNA verified.

Animals For Sale 

We work with our customers.  Full payment is desirable but payment arrangements are an option!  Typically, we require at least 1/2 down and remainder when delivered.  Delivery is available throughout the US/Canada.

 We will also hold animals for 30-60 days, if requested. 

Bulls are given soundness (fertility) testing and the necessary health evaluations.  Females are preg. checked/health evaluations.


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